On the road

The blog will be quiet for the next fortnight, while life gets pretty busy. First, we're getting married on 20 July. That probably seems a bit silly, since Jenn and I are already married. But we didn't get a chance to have a proper wedding back in November, so we're throwing a big to-do for friends and family. In a shock turn of events, the British climate will be cooperating and it looks as though the weather will be ideal for the barbecue we have planned at the reception.

After that we'll be in Ireland for a little while.

Thanks so much for all your support of the blog. I'll be back on 1 August.


  1. Wishing you BOTH the happiest event of your lives! Nothing wrong with saying it twice, huh? Double the love and two times the honeymoon!
    Congratulations to you both!
    Hugs and Hugs,


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