What makes a biker-friendly pub?

Not too long ago I wrote a post for the Express Insurance blog about finding a biker-friendly place to eat or hang and how the challenges in accomplishing such a thing start right at the very beginning: What does "biker-friendly" mean?

The blog post was aimed at the UK audience, obviously, but I think it apples to motorcyclists in general. Here's a link:

For those of you playing along in the United States, I'd be interested to hear how you go about finding places to ride to, what you expect, and what you would like.


  1. Google Maps seems to be my best tool for finding pubs. I'll look at the map, find a road and figure out far Sash would be willing to ride. Then, find a town to stay the night in Then, do a search for "pubs" and see what Google Maps displays. Then, click on some pub icons and read the reviews. Of course, locals always seem to tell us where to go too.

    1. Sadly, folks in the UK don't seem to have taken as well to reviewing places as Americans. More often than not, you'll find huge sections of town where not one business has been reviewed. Or, if it has, it was reviewed quite some time ago by a nameless individual who you suspect may be the business owner.

  2. If you're ever in Tasmania check this place.


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