Ours is to scream against standardisation

I've mentioned before my love of El Solitario –– a custom-builder from Spain whose work is part of a movement in motorcycles that I love. Here's an interesting little film about him that talks, of course, about motorcycles but also about art and its relevance. 

Subversively, this little film also explains why I need to improve my Spanish and move to Spain.



  1. Chris,
    I understand the need to be different.
    El Solitario's version of the R9T was woefully hideous. A waste of the aesthetics of the R9T.

    Even's BMW's Boxer Roadster concept was so no-standard. It was awesome.

    El solitario reminds me of this:

    In case that doesn't work... check the spoof video of "The One" motorcycle show..

    1. I personally think that what El Solitario did with the RnineT was an intentional jab at BMW. BMW gave that bike to all these different builders and obviously the idea was to make the RnineT look really cool and hip and desirable. I feel like El Solitario was refusing to play the game. They produced a deliberately ugly and pointless bike that was effectively waving a middle finger in the face of corporate-created coolness.


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