Victory drops price of Gunner in the UK

Victory fans are somewhat few and far between in the United Kingdom (and who can blame them considering the outdated marketing philosophy Victory displays at shows like Motorcycle Live?), so the number of people who will be interested in this little bit of "news" could probably be counted on one hand. But I thought I'd mention it, anyway:

I just happened to check Victory's website today and it appears that the asking price of the 2015 Victory Gunner (due to arrive UK dealerships in March) has been dropped. Its starting price is now just £9,999

As recently as last week, the asking price had been listed as £10,399 -- the same as the Indian Scout (also due to arrive UK dealerships in March). Both machines will be equipped with ABS, to adhere to impending EU legislation, and as such cost comparatively more than their U.S. counterparts.

I find it interesting and perhaps a little concerning that Victory has chosen to slash £400 from the Gunner's asking price before it has even arrived at UK dealerships. But, hey, if you're a Brit who's keen to own a kick-ass cruiser, it's a deal for you.

Recently did a comparison between a Victory Gunner and Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout, which saw the two bikes coming out pretty evenly matched. Here in the United Kingdom, both bikes are equipped with anti-lock brakes as standard. The starting price for a Breakout is £15,895 -- almost £6,000 more than the Gunner! 

That is damned impressive. It makes me worry a little bit for Victory (I hope they're not struggling), but mostly it makes me wish I had £10,000.


  1. Bet a pint they get hammered on resell.. get your Gunner for £6999 after a year with 500 miles, seriously though I can't imagine this exactly becoming a big seller.

    Seems like a pretty lucid move, now let's hope it moves onto their marketing strategy and bike development!

  2. Great bike but the wheels look awful in my opinion.

  3. Interesting that Polaris is lowering the price on the Victory... I wonder if they're positioning to make Victory their "budget" brand, and Indian the "Premium" brand.

    1. If they are, they need to do a hell of a lot more price slashing. Also, it doesn't appear prices have dropped in the United States. I think it may just be that someone in Victory realised they were going to have a hell of a lot of trouble selling the Gunner at the higher price in the UK. The cruiser segment of the market is pretty small in the UK –– very much the opposite of the situation in the United States –– with the segment being dominated by Triumph and Harley-Davidson. I think H-D's more modern marketing strategy is playing especially well over here. That leaves little room for anyone else. Indeed, by and large the Japanese manufacturers don't even bother. Whereas Honda sells 11 types of cruiser in the United States it offers just one over here.

      There are a lot of things playing against Victory over here. I personally think they should consider dropping the prices on their bikes even further. I'll bet they could lower the Vegas 8-Ball to £8,000 (making it £1,300 less than an H-D Sportster 1200) and not have to take an actual loss. The minimal profits would be worth it for the sake of building up interest in the brand.

  4. Talking to one of the Victory/Indian dealer here in SoCal, the Indian is what everyone wants. Victory bikes are getting pushed to the back and the sides of showrooms.


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